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MORE ROMS! 04/15/2011
We are working on adding news ROMs to mainly the Galaxy S phones, and the more advanced HTC devices, but we are also working on adding more ROMs all together. Some phones, such as the thunderbolt, are very new, and may not have new ROM releases for a while, as developers are working on them, but expect to see them in the near future!
The date is still unknown, but get your hopes up! Many more have been donating to us, then we suffered a long period of time without a donation. We need to receive what we lost back in donations then extra for the actually transition. We trust you guys, and hope to see more donations!
HTC ROMs 04/15/2011
There have been reports of not enough ROM choices on high end HTC devices.
     -We are now obtaining more, and we will be adding them shortly!
Galaxy S ROMs 04/15/2011
There have been complaints for the Galaxy S selection of phones. Many have said there are not enough choices to choose form for ROMs. 
     -We are now going to get some more ROMs and be adding them within a few days, thanks!



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