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        Welcome to ROM Stats, we support most android phones, we only disclude the very un-popular. Hold your mouse over your phone type, and it should be there! If not please fill out a form, we will add it. This website is currently in BETA and is 100% free. We will also be free, so we accept donations. Please hit "Donate" and any amount it great! Have fun! We are not responsible for Bricked Phones, or any damage to your device. The ROMs are owned by their creator, we do not own them, we are just displaying them.

       Donations Keep us Up and Running! Without enough donations we may never leave Beta. Once out of Beta we will add almost every known phone, almost every ROM, and have pictures before the links! Thanks for all who have already done so!

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We do not own ANY ROMs on this site. We take no credit AT ALL in the ROM, and just provide the think to the forum post.